An Author of SnatchProfits

An Author of SnatchProfits

Hi, my name is Darius Šilkaitis. I have had an interest in computers, business ideas, and the web from a very young age.  I always had a dream to work with neural networks, so-called artificial intelligence technologies. It was just a dream until recently we got breakthroughs in AI. Programming libraries like TensorFlow / Keras / PyTorch became publicly available and now my dreams can come true.

SnatchProfits is all about creating automatic algorithms related to bitcoin trading. I use neural network technology to find whenever bitcoin is underpriced or overpriced. On top of that, I use this information with my automatic trading bots. I’ve developed different trading strategies. I was studying the market closely and learning the best trading strategies I could find and putting everything into code since 2017.

Technologies used: Python, Tensorflow / Keras, NodeJS, MySQL, PHP. 


Posted 3 years ago by Darius


Saad Siddiq 3 years ago

Hey Darius, Just wanted to say Hi and thank you for providing those AI predictions for Bitcoin and Bitmex. Just wondering, if there is any way to get involved in your AI efforts for Bitcoin. I am talking about any volunteer opportunities.
By the way, your contact me page is not working.
Thanks from Canada :)

Darius 3 years ago

Hey Saad Siddiq. Sorry I missed the mailing setup when I was moving the website to a different server. The contact form should work now.

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