SwingBot Trading System - BitMEX
SwingBot Trading System works with combination of AI sensitive and not sensitive large range models, making less trades, holding positions longer, having larger stop loss range, profit target above 3% from last trade, bot range resets to average entry price every 12 hours.

Current bot running on BitMEX position:

Current Position: -200 USD

Average entry: 60,353.00

Stop loss: 69,406.00

Snapshot UTC Time: 07/08/2024 00:00 - updates once a day

SwingBot: All-Time period

Returns: BTC +24.89% USD +664.95%

SwingBot: Six Months Period

Returns: BTC +2.56% USD +38.01%

SwingBot: Three Months Period

Returns: BTC +0.75% USD -18.79%