Snatchprofits Bitcoin AI predictions + Trading Bots actions (UPDATE:14.12.2021)

Snatchprofits Bitcoin AI predictions + Trading Bots actions (UPDATE:14.12.2021)

One could assume that up to now Bitcoin (BTC) was stuck in a bearish correction. This correction and sudden dumps were well predicted by our artificial intelligence (AI) models. As of today, our AI models started giving bullish signals for the first time in very long time.

Both long & short-range AI models agree on the change of direction. This might be the reversal! 

However, do not forget, that AI models can change the "opinion" anytime and predictions are based on probabilities. In addition, there should be news coming up from the USA senate within next days, so markets might react accordingly.

Long & Short-range bots are actively closing short positions.

  • ScalpBot outstanding position: -1600 @ $49516. average (reduced by 63%)
  • SwingBot outstanding position: -1000 @ $50365. average (reduced by 28%)

AI predictions meter

15min Combined Medium AI signals

Medium signals are with a probability between 70-89%.


15min Combined Strong AI signals

Strong Signals are with a probability above 90%. Therefore, there are fewer signals given.


15min Short-range Medium AI signals


15min Short-range Strong AI signals


15min Long-range Medium AI signals


15min Long-range Strong AI signals


You can also follow SnatchAI on Twitter. Bear in mind, signals are posted there with several hours delay!


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