Introducing new Telegram Alerts feature to follow live bots trades

Introducing new Telegram Alerts feature to follow live bots trades

It has been almost 2 years since I have started running my Scalp & Swing bots.  These bots trade & hold bitcoin, they are designed only for that. Here are the equity charts:

Scalp Bot

Swing Bot


ScalpBot has increased bitcoin holdings by around 80% during that time, SwingBot hit a bit less it is about 40%. But the best thing is increasing bitcoin while bitcoin is gaining ground and price is skyrocketing. Bots have started with 1 thousand dollars worth of bitcoin balance, and now even though we just doubled bitcoin balance in two years, but bots are trading over 20 thousand dollars worth of bitcoin. That's crazy, I never thought my algorithms will manage that much money and I will be able to sleep at night. 

Early Bots Strategy explained here, have to warn you that there has been some changes in first year of bots existence.
Scalp Bot / Swing Bot BTCUSD trading systems running on BitMEX

If you want to learn how AI works I have published 4 posts about it:
Collecting Publicly available Bitcoin market data features for predictive machine learning models
Bitcoin price prediction based on time series predictive AI Model architecture neural networks
Bitcoin technical features engineering
Market simulation, Multiple model voters for better training prediction perfomance

In celebration of bitcoins new all-time high and bots success and because I am testing the new feature, where you can follow what my bots do live 24 / 7 on your Telegram software on your mobile phones, you can now register and get full access to everything for the next 30 days. This is how everything looks like:


You can Register by clicking here


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